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Soap bars, small bottled-shampoo and shower gel are the most commonly used amenities in hotels, but few of them can be finished. See The Telegraph report:

Every day millions of bars of soap and half-used bottles of shampoo are discarded in hotel shower trays around the world; abandoned guests who didn’t stay long enough to use them up.

There are ideas and organizations that recycle soap bars, but there are still huge costs in recycling. Some hotels have found a solution to this problem using larger foam hand soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers. This is one example of many the industry is currently implementing to act environmentally conscious.

Some luxury hotels provide boutique toiletries. Many guests cannot refrain from taking them home, but after a while these guests have accumulated an abundance of unused hotel toiletries. Disposing of them then becomes a headache. See Forbes article:

What Should I Do With Those Unused Hotel Toiletries?

Let’s appeal to hotel owners and management:

1) Replace soap bars, small bottled shampoo and shower gel with larger foam hand soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers.

2) Provide soap bars, small bottled shampoo and shower gel at a reasonable cost

Some good news:

Radisson Hotel Group will implement bulk amenity dispensers across all brands by the beginning of 2022, replacing small bottles for common bathroom products. This action will remove 57 million miniature amenities from circulation, avoiding the use of almost 500 tons of plastic annually.

Dental Kits

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are really a personal thing. Options for brushes range from soft, medium and hard bristles as well as angled, compact and full size heads of the brush. Hardly any people use hotel toothbrushes until they wear out. Most people throw them away once they return home, after only a few uses. It is really a waste, so many hotels do not provide them, but some still do. Do you think it is a good idea for hotels to charge for them?


Most people use towels and sheets provided the hotel, but still some people take their own due to many reasons such as allergies, skin sensitivity, personal preference or cleanliness concerns. We hope to have your opinion on following:

Should hotels give an option to guests if they can use their own linens?
Should hotels give discounts to these guests?

Bottled Water

Many hotels are providing one or two complimentary bottles of water everyday, and sometimes it’s not enough for certain customers such as tea lovers, they buy purified water the gallon. As an alternative, a hotel can install conveniently located filtered water dispensers.

Plastic Straws

Plastic Straws are one such single-use item that due to its popularity is produced on a massive scale by the billions everyday, gets used once for hardly 20 minutes or so and is then tossed away. Plastic straws, of course, don’t then vanish into thin air. And since these straws are already so low quality that they cannot be recycled, instead, it reaches and settles down for a long time in our landfills and oceans.
In the United States alone, over 500 million Plastic straws get discarded every single day. Barring a few, it’s a similar story for nations across the planet.

It’s Time To Stop The Straw From Sucking The Life Out Of The Planet